Welcome to Quorum Financial Services (Pvt.) Ltd.

The name of company is Quorum Financial services (Pvt.) Ltd. The registered office of the company shall be situated in Bangladesh. The Objects for which the company is established are all or any Government/concerned authority / competent authority before commencement of business. To provide all kind of loan recovery services outstanding of bad loan from deferent organizations companies, individual & other financial institutions and loan sanction and verification services in Bank/Banks or in financial institution in Bangladesh. To act as consultants for all types of infrastructure projects, industrial projects agricultural projects, rural development projects for clients in the private and government sector for undertaking design, planning, feasibilities construction supervision or undertaking of such projects. To carry on the business of feasibility study, management consultancy and financial consultancy to study and advice on setting up of industries or trade. To provide legal assistance and advice to profit or service oriented organizations and firms. To carry on the business to travel agent, general sales agent (GSA) (PSA) (CSA) of foreign airlines, both for passenger and cargo. To carry on the of manpower recruiting Agent, traveling agent and all other airlines in the world for the company so think fit. To enter into agreement to act as agent and to establish company under joint collaboration with any foreigner or foreign company for doing aviation freight forwarding and other related business including international transportation both by air and by sea