Early Life

Ertaza Hassan was born in sultanpure, Aug 20, 1978 in satkhira. Ertaza hassan graduated from the madraz university with a computer science & Technology. Also earn M.Sc form the University of Victoria USA & doctorate degree at university of Victoria Colombia USA. In research tropic was human rights and the environment. After receiving the doctorate, he spent his time traveling across his country and was thinking for the distress people massively and thus decided to work for deprived people, which at present level and result is Bangladesh Human Rights Development Commission which constructed by Ertaza Hassan. Now massively serve for the distress, destitute and unprivileged human being. With also a good preacher in tabblic jamat in this greater world. Ertaza Hassan is married and has a son Ertaza Hassan has a keen interest in gajal, arts and travel at all.