Life And Works

Director:Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FBCCI).


  1. Iran & Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce & Industry (IBCCI)
  2. Bank Credit Management Agencies Association of Bangladesh.
  3. Foreign Investor Association of Bangladesh.

Senior Vice President:

  1. Bangladesh Sangbadpatra Parishad (BSP)
  2. Singapore & Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

Vice President:

  1. Bangladesh Land Developers Association (BLDA)


Dhaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry (DCCI)

Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FBCCI).

Northern University Bangladesh Trust.

Best known for:

Editor of the following National Dailies and Periodicals

1) The Daily Vorer Pata,

2) The Daily People’s Time,

3) The Fortnightly Arthopata.

4) The Monthly Travels Automobiles & Housing.

5) Z Entertainment Ltd. (A Satellite TV Channel)

6) Vorerpata-Vacancy Ltd.


Ertaza Hassan has started his business in full swing since 2000. Now he is a good business figure in home and abroad. He has acquired name & fame in business dealing a lot

Trade Bodies:

  • Vorer Pata Group of Companies.
  • Rangpur Riders
  • Shell Corporation
  • Satkhira Power Plant Ltd.
  • Petron Limited (Ultimate Solution of Petroleum Products, America-Bangladesh joint venture)
  • Marbella Green City Ltd. (Eco-friendly Housing Project, Spain-Bangladesh joint venture)
  • Padma Global Business Center S.L (A House of Global Trading, Spain-Bangladesh joint venture)
  • Rupantor Design & Development Ltd.
  • Niamul Maowa Housing (pvt.) Ltd.
  • Carnival Motion Pictures.
  • Quorum Financial Services (pvt.) Ltd.
  • Creative i Ltd.
  • ZES Trading Company (Pvt) Ltd.
  • ZES Auto House (Pvt) Ltd.


Trained at an early age on how to transform media business and also how to expand international relation, Ertaza Hassan was encouraged by his father. Ertaza Hassan who is an original lover of the nation later studied computer science.

Early Life:

Ertaza Hassan was born in Sultanpur, Aug 20, 1978 in Satkhira. Graduated from the Madraz University in Computer Science & Technology he also did M.Sc from the University of Victoria USA & and achieved doctorate degree at University of Victoria, Colombia USA. His research tropic was ‘Human Rights and the Environment’. After receiving the doctorate, he spent his time traveling across his country and was thinking for the distressed people massively and thus decided to work for deprived people, which resulted in ‘Bangladesh Human Rights Development Commission’ constructed by himself. Now he massively serves the distressed, destitute and unprivileged human being. Ertaza Hassan is married and has a son. He has keen interest in Gajal, art and travel at all.

In Banking Channel:

Ertaza Hassan has also best & vast connection in banking line. Assistance in more than 15 banks loan consultancy initiative has made him a noted figure in banking development arena. Ertaza Hassan has provided more than 700 young employees to do the tasks swiftly and ensured as far as possible assistance for banking development.

Elite Connection:

Ertaza Hassan is highly connected with the civil society on ground of human rights and upgraded elite businessmen and with all the print & electronic media figures in Bangladesh and abroad at all.

A Fair Editor:

As an executive of the Human Rights Development Commission once upon a time Ertaza Hassan realized the impact of print media and electronic media, most important for the civil people’s knowledge and information. Thus all the things pressed him to construct a media cell. Today he has become the chairperson of a few media organizations, and executive of those like The Daily People’s Time, The Daily Vorer Pata, The fortnight Arthopata, and The Travel & Auto Mobiles magazine. His straight desire is to write absolute information.

Bangladesh Human Rights Development Commission:

‘Bangladesh Human Rights Development Commission’ has been constructed and named ‘Bangladesh Human Rights Development Commission (BHRDC)’ by Ertaza Hassan.

Ertaza Hassan has taken it as a greatest challenge in this field to effectively guarantee the fundamental rights provided by the law. In this accord Ertaza Hassan had a long discussion with justices’ branches before being involved in the challenge of implementing and establishing the absolute norms on human rights.

In the need of progress in the process of integration among the branches of power, and the government units correspond to a challenge of considerable complexity.

Ertaza Hassan has advanced on human rights issues since 1992, and the upgradation process which has new legal guarantees in the field of civil political, economic, social & cultural rights.

In respect of human dignity as the foundation for the legal frame work as well as the human rights as the guiding future principle for Bangladesh international relations.

Ertaza Hassan also expects on developing, promoting & guaranteeing economic, social & cultural rights as exemplified by the process made to combat hunger & poverty.

There are equally positive facts to be seemed in regard to persons with special needs protecting minorities, combating torture and the degrading treatment of prisoners etc.

Ertaza Hassan has also ratified the major international treaties on human rights issues which have elevated our countries commitment up to international levels & standard.

Ertaza Hassan points out to human rights issues that must have to be an illuminated of the courageous formulations of jurists and the efforts of politicians’ goodwill. Except this there is still a long way to go.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR):

Founder Chairman of Aziza Mannan Foundation

Eratza Hassan has established a foundation named after his parents through which he has been providing lump grants, special grants, monthly or yearly grants to many socio-cultural and religious organizations and institutions like schools, colleges, madrasas, temples, orphan centers, old homes and youth clubs etc.