Vorer Pata Group of Industries is a privately held media & industrial group with long-term holdings throughout the country. Our business ventures focus spans seven sectors:

  • Media & Communications
  • Real Estate & Properties
  • Engineering & Constructions
  • Venture Capital & Technology
  • Retail & Trading
  • Professional Services
  • Endowment

Vorerpata Group of Industries is a flourishing corporate conglomerate specializing in various business sectors both locally and globally. Founded in 2005 by renowned journalist, industrialist, and philanthropist Dr. Kazi Ertaza Hassan-CIP, we continually identify new strategic business venture opportunities, and work with both emerging and established companies to generate significant growth over time.

The Group supports and counsels the management of associate venture companies in relation to earning developments, technology, capital management, risk management, corporate compliance and related matters. It also provides strategic direction and regional framework to associate venture companies enabling them to continuously thrive and deliver value to stakeholders.

Originally The Daily Vorer Pata newspaper has been designed and published candid trustworthy news and contribute to the welfare of the nation in critical situation which has established it one of the most powerful news media houses in Bangladesh. Eventually, the Daily Vorer Pata and it’s associate business ventures became Vorer Pata Group of Industries. Today, Vorer Pata Group is a growing, dynamic and diverse group of companies headquartered in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

8 Organizations
4 Corporate Groups
6 Media Outlets
3 Academic Institutions
11 Companies
64 Districts
350+ Products & Services
1567+ Employees
5 Million Customers


Our mission is to create opportunities for the

"Mutual growth and success for all we serve and work with"

We believe in shared growth to create a profitable relationship with all our stakeholders. We achieve it through our strategic partnerships and our 5:5 success model, which highlights our 5 core values and 5 key success factors that shape our corporate culture and make us a trusted partner in every market we serve.

Our 5 Core Values

Discipline & Accountability 

Appropriate checks and balances are maintained in all parts of our business to deliver excellence through our products and services.

Team Work

Whether intra-company, inter-company or with our business partners we believe collaboration is a key to any business’s success.

Respect & Fairness

Our employees, business partners, customers and community are all treated with the utmost respect to ensure shared growth and accomplishment.

Ethical Dealings

We strive to conduct all matters of our business ethically and make certain to abide by the laws, regulations and customs in all the communities we are a part of.


Trust and credibility is of utmost importance to us and an unflinching commitment to integrity remains the basis of every action we undertake.

Our 5 Key Success Factors

Knowledge & Expertise

Our unparalleled experience of over one decade in diverse markets and industries enables us to provide our business partners with effective and smart solutions tailored to their needs.

Superior Relationship

We believe not only in our success, but in the growth and profitability of our business partners as well. We value and believe mutuality to be the cornerstone of any working relationship.

Geographical Outreach

Our distinct and trusted presence in all the markets we serve allows us to extend tremendous business opportunities to our valued global business partners.

Value Chain

We strive for efficiency with regards to both time and cost and our wide array of products and services allow us to meet the diverse needs of our business partners.


We understand changing market needs and focus on the continuous development of both new and existing products and services.


Media House
Real Estate & Properties
Engineering & Construction
Venture Capital & Technology
Retail & Trading
Professional Service


We believe corporate social responsibility is more than a policy – it’s a long-term commitment. A commitment to our customers, our communities, and our environment. It starts in our backyard and extends around the globe to our areas of operation. Whether it’s beautifying our local communities, ensuring social compliance standards are upheld in manufacturing factories overseas, or implementing new processes to reduce our environmental impact, we will continue to build on our strong foundation of responsible operations.

Chairman's Note

The Founder & Chairman

Dr. Kazi Ertaza Hassan, CIP

Editor & Publisher, The Daily Vorer Pata & The Daily People’s Time
Director, The Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industries (FBCCI)
Founder President, Iran-Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce & Industries (IBCCI)
Chairperson, Bazar 24 Limited
Chairperson, BHRDC.

Some matters are manifested like open daylight, such as - our dreams, our anticipations. Its uniqueness strengthens our self-confidence, inspires us to touch the sky. Its clarity brings us closer to nature, developed by the inner world. So, we dream ardently, and we turn those dreams come true in our Vorer Pata Group of Industries.

On behalf of Vorer Pata Group of Companies, I welcome you to our official company website. I hope that it meets your expectations and allows you to discover more about our various companies as well as our working culture.

Vorer Pata Group of Companies is considered as one of the most prominent companies in the field of News, Mass media & Communication, Land Development, Real Estate, IT, Ecommerce, Supply Chain, Distribution, Construction and Engineering Industry in the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh. Our company acquires real estate in the form of free hold lands that are then developed for sale or lease. It also provides management and Operation services the export, import, trading, merchandising, industrial & business consultancy, and arbitration facilities.

Our company established a vast and strategic relationships with large industrial companies that resulted in strategic partnerships local in Bangladesh and worldwide. Our Joint Venture companies will provide local and international customers with products of consumers products, foods, beverages advanced technology, of superior quality, and at competitive value. This will create jobs for Bangladeshis and contribute to the country prosperous economy.

Vorer Pata Group of Companies is strongly bridging between our spirituality and activity, which reveals who we are, what we do, how we do it and our true position in building employment and socio-economic infrastructure of the country.

In conclusion, we look forward to achieve more and more success for years to come throughout the company's various sectors, equipped with the confidence of our shareholders as well as the determination and insistence of the company's employees to build a bright future that meets your aspirations.

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